general hints


-         make sure your fcb has the latest firmware, at least 2.3

-         recalibrate the expression pedals. they often work faultily or not at all, when the fcb is shipped

-         get yourself ed dixon´s editor

-         i suggest you to do some global and general programming on the fcb, then do the rest on the 2101 using the mapping function


programming the fcb patch


  1. choose a patch (say bank 0, patch 1)
  2. press and hold [down] for three seconds to enter edit mode
  3. press [up] so that the [select]led is on. now you are asked to determine, which functions you want this patch to perform
  4. the switches [8] and [9] refer to the exppedals A and B. to activate  exppedal A , hold  switch [8]  until its led is on.
  5. now press the switch again so that it blinks
  6. press [up], so that the [number]led is on. the now blinking number in the display indicates the controller# that will be sent by the exppedal. basically you can choose any; you just will have to choose the same # on the 2101 later. let´s say 12.
  7. press [up]. the number in the display is the minimum value that will be sent. change it to “00”.
  8. pressing [up] again will allow you to choose the maximum value. choose “127”.
  9. press [up] to confirm.
  10. press [down] for three seconds to leave edit mode.


programming the 2101 patch


  1. select the patch, in which you want to use the exppedal
  2. scroll to the window that shows the parameter, that you want have the fcb control
  3. press the functionswitch that sets the cursor to this very parameter
  4. press [midi]
  5. press [>]. the display reads: “[insert parameter here] not linked”
  6. turn the jogwheel until the display reads “[insert parameter here] links to MIDI CC12” (the controller# that we have set the fcb-pedal to)
  7. press functionswitch2 and  determine minimum and maximum values
  8. press [midi] to return to play-mode
  9. save the patch